The story of the renovation of La Maison Labatchenia in Ainhoa and the latest news.

Basque Ponies

Basque Ponies

While in Ainhoa you will come across semi-wild ponies called Pottok. These stocky and resilient ponies are well adapted to mountain life, as they are able to predict weather conditions, moving to valleys in the cold and upland in warmer weather and develop a type of...

At the notary

On arrival at the notary to sign the "promesse", I saw Monsieur, but not Madame. I asked him where she was and he indicated with his thumb. Madame was sitting 5 seats down in the entrance hall with the agent. Having only seen me in wellies and a rain coat Madame...

Elkar bat

Elkar Bat is a small, new building project management company in Espelette, run by Patxi Zamora, who set up his business after working for one of the large local building companies.  I met him at the house and liked his discretion and honesty immediately. Especially...

Second visit

Two days later I returned to the house during the day with the agent and Monsieur, who remembered the keys. I fell in love with the Maison Labatchenia immediately. Surrounded by 7000 m2 of fields and with a view of Ainhoa, I could immediately see the potential for a...

First visit

Having spent several months looking for the ideal home, I had an appointment at 4 pm on a rainy February afternoon with an agency to see a house for sale just outside Ainhoa. I was greeted at the Maison Labatchenia by the agent and the couple selling the house. They...

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The house will be available to rent from April 2021.

In the meantime feel free to ask any questions!