The Basque region of France is home to a remarkable sight – the Pottok, a breed of wild pony that roams freely through the rugged landscapes. These hardy and agile creatures have become emblematic of the region’s untamed beauty. Among the picturesque villages nestled in this region, Ainhoa stands out as a charming backdrop to the Pottok’s existence.

The Pottok ponies have adapted to the Basque terrain over centuries, becoming an integral part of the local ecosystem. Their small stature, strong build, and thick manes are a testament to their ability to endure the challenging environment. Ainhoa, with its quaint architecture and timeless atmosphere, provides a unique connection to these wild ponies. The village serves as a gateway to the untamed wilderness where the Pottok ponies roam.

Visitors to Ainhoa have the chance to learn about the deep bond between the villagers and the Pottok ponies. Traditional events and festivals celebrate the role of these animals in Basque culture, further strengthening the connection between the people, the village, and the untamed natural world. As the sun sets behind the rolling hills, casting a warm glow on Ainhoa’s cobbled streets, the distant silhouettes of the Pottok ponies serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring harmony between nature and human heritage in this enchanting corner of France.